• 2014/2015 Workshops

    Join us for for 3 days of encouragement and equipping in opening up God's Word.
  • The Simeon Course

    Explore a flexible, online training platform for people who want to get better at studying and teaching God’s Word.
  • Charleston Workshop

    The Mystery of the Gospel: Ephesians
    St. Andrew's Church
    May 20-22
  • Indianapolis Workshop

    Preaching the Epistles: 2 Timothy
    Christ the Redeemer Church
    June 3-5
  • Getting Started

    Resources for Preaching
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  • "The Workshops on Biblical Exposition are a brilliant opportunity to listen to one another."

    "They are a great way to learn from people who are further ahead than you, to have your own thinking challenged and it’s a great way to have fellowship around the central and pivotal responsibility that God’s given us: to preach and teach His Word."

    image David Short (Rector of St. John's Anglican Church in Vancouver)
  • "The greatest need of the church is the faithful exposition of God's Word."

    "The Charles Simeon Trust is engaged in the vital work of encouraging and training biblical expositors. By harnessing the vast ministry potential of the internet, the Simeon Course offers excellent training to those who might not otherwise have access to this type of instruction."

    image Phil Ryken (President of Wheaton College)
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The Simeon Course on Biblical Exposition is a flexible online training platform for people who want to get better at studying and teaching God’s Word. We have three different courses that tackle different aspects of preaching and teaching from the Bible.

Using a unique combination of world-class professors and accomplished practitioners, these courses helps students become familiar with how to preach and teach from each genre of the Bible (Literary Genre course), how texts function in the context of the whole Bible (Biblical Theology course), and how our doctrinal convictions should have an impact on our preparation (Systematic Theology course).
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