Workshop on Biblical Exposition
MAY 4-6, 2016
Mervyn Eloff is the Rector of St. James Church - Kenilworth in Cape Town, South Africa, which is part of the Church of England in South Africa (CESA). He has been the Rector there since 2007. Before that, he served as the Vice Principal of George Whitefield College in Cape Town. He served his curacy under Dick Lucas at St. Helen's Bishopsgate in London, England. Mervyn studied mathematics at the Universiteit van die Vrystaat, and then went on to earn a DTh at the Universiteit Stellenbosch. He is the author of Exile, Restoration, and Matthew's Geneology of Jesus Ό ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (New Testament Society of Southern Africa) and a contributor to Built Upon the Rock: Studies in the Gospel of Matthew (Eerdmans).

Mervyn Eloff

Maple Avenue Baptist Church
177 Maple Avenue
Georgetown, Ontario L7G 1X6
(905) 873-9211

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Tom Buck is Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas. He hols a B.A. in Pastoral Ministries and New Testament Greek from the Moody Bible Institute and a Th.M. in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary. Tom previously served for 12 years as the Senior Pastor of Riverside Baptist Fellowship in Florida. He has been at First Baptist Church since 2006.

Tom Buck

James Seward is Senior Pastor of Maple Avenue Baptist Church. Before that, he served as Associate Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas. James completed his undergraduate education at the University of Chicago, where he was also part of the founding core of Holy Trinity Church and served as a pastoral intern. He went on to complete a master's degree in the Biblical Exegesis program at Wheaton College where he also served on the pastoral staff of College Church under Kent Hughes. James has traveled to Vietnam to train pastors and has been involved with the Workshops on Biblical Exposition for more than 10 years.

James Seward


Instruction 1 Staying on the Line Eloff mp3 mp3 61min 18mb
Instruction 2 Structure Buck mp3 mp3 71min 21mb
Instruction 3 Text and Framework Eloff mp3 mp3 59min 18mb
Instruction 4 Preaching the Parables Buck mp3 mp3 61min 18mb
Instruction 5 Preaching the Gospel in the Gospels Eloff mp3 mp3 59min 18mb
Instruction 6 Melodic Line Buck mp3 mp3 57min 17mb
Exposition 1 Mark 3:7-35 Buck mp3 mp3 40min 12mb
Exposition 2 Mark 12:1-12 Seward mp3 mp3 42min 13mb
Exposition 3 Mark 15:42 - 16:8 Eloff mp3 mp3 41min 12mb