Workshop on Biblical Exposition
NOVEMBER 14-16, 2013
Kathleen Nielson holds an MA and a PhD in Literature from Vanderbilt University and a B.A. from Wheaton College. She has taught in the English departments at Vanderbilt University, Bethel College, and Wheaton College. She is on the Board of Directors of the Charles Simeon Trust and serves as the Director of Women's Initiatives for the Gospel Coalition. She is the author of numerous Bible studies including Proverbs1 & 2 Thessalonians, and several others in the Living Word Bible Studies series. Kathleen has directed and taught women’s Bible studies at several churches and speaks extensively at conferences and retreats. Kathleen is married to Dr. Niel Nielson, former President of Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

Kathleen Nielson

Capitol Hill Baptist Church
525 A Street NE
Washington DC 20002
(202) 543-6111
Deborah Lorentsen is a resident of Wheaton, Illinois where she is a part of College Church. She is an RN BSN having attended Taylor University, West Suburban Hospital School of Nursing, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Presently she is active in the Women’s Bible Study at College Church in Wheaton where she serves as a regular lecturer, small group leader and curriculum coordinator. She also serves on the board of the Charles Simeon Trust.

Deb Lorentsen

Cindy Cochrum served as the Director of the Women’s Bible Study at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, where she taught women and trained leaders from 2002-2017. She has written studies in Mark (Meeting the King),  coauthored studies in Ruth and Esther (God’s Woman in God’s Place in God’s Time), and served as a contributor to Word-Filled Women’s Ministry. Cindy and her husband, Kent, are members of Spring Valley Presbyterian Church in Roselle, Illinois, where Cindy continues to enjoy studying God’s Word with women.

Cindy Cochrum


Instruction 1 Stay on the Line Nielson mp3 mp3 52min 24mb
Instruction 2 Traveling Instructions Lorentsen mp3 mp3 48min 22mb
Instruction 3 Bone and Marrow Lorentsen mp3 mp3 49min 23mb
Instruction 4 Traveling Through the Cross Nielson mp3 mp3 47min 22mb
Instruction 5 Text and Framework Cochrum mp3 mp3 38min 18mb
Instruction 6 Melodic Line Lorentsen mp3 mp3 53min 24mb
Exposition 1 Mark 4:35-41 Cochrum mp3 mp3 28min 13mb
Exposition 2 Mark 10:17-45 Russell mp3 mp3 38min 18mb
Exposition 3 Mark 15:42 - 16:8 Nielson mp3 mp3 42min 19mb