Old Testament Narrative
MAY 3-5, 2006
John Woodhouse is retired Principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia. He completed degrees from London, Sydney and Manchester in Divinity and Old Testament Studies. Prior to serving as Principal at Moore Theological, he served as a senior lecturer. He also pastored Christ Church St. Ives for over a decade. Dr. Woodhouse is most known for his work in the difficult task of teaching the Old Testament as Christian Scripture and has written several books, including volumes on 1 and 2 Samuel for the Preaching the Word series.

John Woodhouse

College Church in Wheaton
332 East Seminary Avenue
Wheaton, IL 60187

(630) 668-0878

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Kent Hughes is retired Senior Pastor of College Church in Wheaton. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Talbot Seminary as well as advanced degrees in ministry and divinity from Biola University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has authored numerous books including Disciplines of a Godly Man and many volumes of the Preaching the Word commentary series of which he is the editor.

Kent Hughes

Paul Winters is the former Pastor of Spring Valley Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Roselle, Illinois. He received his Bachelors Degree from Virgina Polytechnic Institute and worked in information systems for several years. He received his Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1994 when he also was called to Spring Valley Presbyterian Church. He has since earned a JD from DePaul University and specializes in non-profit law at a Chicago area law firm.

Paul Winters

Jon Dennis is the Senior Pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Hyde Park, Chicago. He received a BA from Bethel Universiyt, an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and an MA in Liberal Arts from the University of Chicago. He is currently working on a DMin from Westminster Theological Seminary. He also serves as chairman of the board of Hope for Chicago, a mercy ministry in Chicago and was a founding Board Member of both the Charles Simeon Trust and the Chicago Partnership for Church Planting. He is the author of Christ+City and co-author of The Genesis Factor.

Jon Dennis


Instruction 1 Preaching from Old Testament Narrative, Part 1 Woodhouse mp3 mp3 58min 80mb
Instruction 2 Preaching from Old Testament Narrative, Part 2 Woodhouse mp3 mp3 54min 74mb
Instruction 3 Preaching from Old Testament Narrative, Part 3 Woodhouse mp3 mp3 57min 79mb
Instruction 4 Preaching from Old Testament Narrative, Part 4 Woodhouse mp3 mp3 49min 67mb
Instruction 5 Preaching from Old Testament Narrative, Part 5 Woodhouse mp3 mp3 51min 70mb
Instruction 6 Preaching from Old Testament Narrative, Part 6 Woodhouse mp3 mp3 45min 61mb
Exposition 1 Genesis 4:17-26 Hughes mp3 mp3 33min 30mb
Exposition 2 Ruth 3 Winters mp3 mp3 37min 40mb
Exposition 3 2 Timothy 4:1-5 Hughes mp3 mp3 35min 32mb
Youth Instruction Youth and the Text Dennis mp3 mp3 48min 44mb
Youth Exposition Ephesians 5 Dennis mp3 mp3 26min 24mb